Chapter 13


A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows individuals to reorganize certain types of debt into an affordable payment plan.  It is a legal proceeding that is handled under the jurisdiction of the Federal United States Bankruptcy Court.  What to think about:

*Have you ever filed bankruptcy before and received a discharge or dismissal?
*Do you have income in your household?
*Are you married?
*Are you behind on your car note or mortgage payment, and facing repossession or foreclosure?
*Do you owe the IRS and/or the Georgia Department of Revenue money for taxes?
*Are you facing potential garnishment or judgments?
*Would you like to pay your car off in 3-5 years?
*What do you own and how much is it worth?

Stanton & Worthy Attorneys file Chapter 13 bankruptcies to assist you in the protection of your property and reorganization of your debts.  When filed, a Chapter 13 puts your home or car under the protection of the Court, which means it cannot be foreclosure or repossessed while under the protection of the Court while you are making your payments.  Also, depending on your income level or other assets, we can help you completely eliminate unsecured debt, meaning you will not have to pay for your credit cards, medical bills, old tax debt, personal loans, and certain other unsecured debt.  A Chapter 13 can also assist you in paying off child support arrears.